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Injustice: God Among Us Top 8 from Civil War VI Has Been Set

After catching the archived footage at Arturo Sanchez’s Twitch Channel, I pity Injustice: Gods Among Us fans who missed pool play at Civil War VI. The blowups were real in Virginia and that is understating what happened on day one of this tournament. At the hands of one PTH Captain Oxygen, Lobo was escalated to top eight winners. Oxygen managed to defeat the likes of RG Tom Brady on his journey to top eight winners. Tom Brady’s tournament end came at the hands of BIFU | Insaynne, a fellow Aquaman player.

Sonic Fox joined Oxygen in top eight after an extremely close set against the up-and-coming Zod player by the name of PTH RelaxedState. RelaxedState showed some excellent positioning on his instant-air Zod balls, and just barely lost his match to Sonic Fox 3-2. RelaxedState qualified out of losers of his pool into losers top eight.

Fan favorite and Final Round top eight placer, Kinetic Orochi, qualified for winners top eight continuing to show his improvement and innovation with Green Lantern. PTH Khaotik made top eight losers coming out of Kinetic Orochi’s pool. He had a couple of extremely close sets with popular Green Arrow player, 7L, and ultimately lost to Kinetic Orochi in winners. This marks Khaotik’s second top eight appearance with Killer Frost.

Quite possibly the most shocking turn of events at Civil War VI was PTH Astronout advancing into top eight winners. He managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in the competitive life of Injustice through his use of Catwoman to defeat tournament favorite, Emperor Jupiter. Astronout was clearly prepared for a match-up that most everyone who plays Injustice is afraid of. In addition to Catwoman, Astronout also used Batgirl and Killer Frost. This is his first appearance in top eight at a major.

You can check out and discuss Civil War VI results on the Test Your Might website. Top eight for Injustice will be played out beginning at roughly 11 A.M. Eastern on Team Sp00ky’s Twitch Channel. You can also view the Injustic: Gods Among Us documentary coming up in just a few minutes at twitch.tv/nycfurby.

Top 8 Winners

PTH Oxygen (Lobo)

Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern)

PTH Astronout (Catwoman, Killer Frost, and Batgirl)

RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

Top 8 Losers

PTH Khaotik (Killer Frost)

PTH RelaxedState (General Zod)

EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

BIFU | Insaynne (Aquaman)

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Sources – Arturo Sanchez, Eventhubs, and Test Your Might

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