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MPNE – Massive Roster Shakeup within the Call of Duty Competitive Scene

For the followers of the Call of Duty competitive scene new rosters should come as no surprise. Roster changes take place everyday and most of the time they happen without reason. Players are picked up officially sometimes for a day or two, and then they are proceeded to be dropped for different players. It is something that I have been unable to figure out to this point. Complexity has done it right in the regard that the only roster change they made for the past year has led them to multiple championships. Now some may argue that Karma is not that big a step up from Clayster, if a step up at all, but for the purposes of team morale it made sense. Since the 2014 Call of Duty Championship there have been numerous roster changes that have taken place. In this post I am going to attempt to breakdown the roster changes and give my insight as to what each roster movement accomplishes for each team.

Curse Call of Duty Rosters:

Curse Las Vegas – Parasite, Tipsy, Enable, and Mochilla

Curse Fire – Muddawg, Burnsoff, Sin, and Crowster

Curse Youth – Realize, Miyagi, Attach, and Diabolic

Curse AU (Formerly known as T1 Dotters) – Damage, Chilz, Isakatuu, and Denz

Curse’s expansion is questionable considering the level of productivity of their teams as of late. Neither of their primary teams qualified for the Championships and that is a major indictment on the teams themselves. Parasite and Killa who were formerly on Curse Las Vegas together simply did not mesh well. Their teammates, Ricky and MirX, sort of sat back while Parasite and Killa constantly ripped each other apart verbally. The Curse organization made the decision to release Killa from his contract and opted to stick with Parasite. This decision was questionable, but the obvious statement is that either Killa or Parasite were not best for the team.

All of this being said I must say the new rosters are impressive. The pickup of Enable and Mochilla for the LV roster is massive for that team. Both Enable and Mochilla are two vastly underrated players who have flown under the radar since Ghosts competition began to heat up. Hopefully this team will be able utilize their talents and grow as a team. Parasite is the question mark on this team as he has been in the past. Will he be able to listen to his team and not get frustrated at the first sign of failure? Maybe moving into a team house with this new team is what Parasite needs to bring victory to Curse Las Vegas.

The acquisition of three-quarters of the aoX roster is another good movement for the Curse organization considering Muddawg, Sin, and Crowster all qualified and had solid performances at the Call of Duty Championship. With Burnsoff at the helm I have no doubt that this team will do well at the upcoming Call of Duty events.

The Curse Youth roster have been together for a couple of weeks now and all indications are that they are doing well. After Methodz left I assumed the team would be in purgatory, but they have a finalized roster and will be looking to do damage both online, and at LAN events.

Last but not least is the Curse AU roster, which is probably the best pickup Curse has had throughout the roster craze. No one expected the Aussies to come into the Call of Duty Championship and decimate some of the best North American teams around. Formerly known as the T1 Dotters, they were able to dispatch the highly acclaimed Rise Nation and France’s Vitality Rises in bracket play. The T1 Dotters also managed to go 3-0 in group play which includes a massive 3-2 victory over the FaZe Competitive team. Look out for this new Curse team.

FaZe Call of Duty Rosters:

FaZe Black – Formal, Saints, Censor, and Proofy

FaZe Red – JKap, Classic, Replays, and Theory

The FaZe organization just improved from one powerhouse team, to two powerhouse teams. The addition of another FaZe Competitive team was a movement that took a lot of fans by surprise. No one was really sure where Formal would go after his departure from Team Kaliber. Additionally, no one knew what the deal was with the Strictly Business team. Censor and Saints both left sB Gaming and joined Formal and Proofy on a roster that is destined to compete for tournament wins. Saints is arguably a top five player in the game, and both Proofy and Formal have proven themselves when there were constant questions about their production in Ghosts. With Censor as their verbal leader this team will be a force to be reckoned with.

On the other side of FaZe we have FaZe Red, which includes 3/4 of the previous FaZe Competitive team. The only roster change here was the acquisition of Theory after Proofy jumped over to the FaZe Black roster. I have a great feeling about the FaZe Red team as they are all consistent players and Theory is one of the top players at his position. FaZe Red reached the finals of the most recent MLG 2K Pro Series, but they came up short against Team Kaliber. If this is any indication for the future, the outlook for FaZe Red is an optimistic one.

Team Kaliber Roster – Goonjar, Sharp, Dedo, and Apathy

This is one of the rosters where I’m hesitant is saying what I think about it. It was a shame to see Team Kaliber fall short at the Call of Duty Championship, and roster changes were surely on the horizon for the team. First was the release of Theory and then came the departure of Formal. At that point I wasn’t sure what to think about the future of Kaliber. TK had a brief stint with Methodz on their roster, but that quickly came to an end. The most recent pickups for TK were the addition of Dedo and Apathy who were formerly apart of the Strictly Business team along with Censor and Saints. A lot of behind the scenes action took place with the sB roster and Dedo and Apathy were the only ones left after Censor and Saints made the move to FaZe. Apathy played with TK in the 2K Series where they were ultimately victorious. TK then dropped Methodz and added Dedo and Apathy to their roster. I firmly believe this roster will do well with Apathy and Dedo on board based on the fact that Apathy is one of the best players in the game, and along with Dedo they took Strictly Business to their peak.

Strictly Business Disbands:

I don’t think anyone is really sure what happened to this organization over the span of the last week or so. Rumors were swirling that Dedo would be dropped, then that Saints and Censor were leaving, and it confused all who were paying close attention to this roster. Dedo then posted on Twitter that Censor assured him that the Strictly Business team would not change. However this was not the case and all of the US Regional winners eventually left the Strictly Business organization in some way, shape, or form. It’s a shame that a fourth place finish at the COD Championships wasn’t good enough for this roster. I personally had high hopes for sB Gaming after seeing them handily defeat Complexity at Regionals. Nevertheless, the roster is no more and the team has parted ways.

Justus Pro Roster – Killa, MirX, Neslo, and Stainville

Upon hearing the news of this new roster I was instantly pleased to hear that MirX and Killa would be sticking together through the 2014 season. I personally believe that MirX and Killa were the two players from the Curse Las Vegas roster who could tolerate each other’s strategies and general view. I naturally figured the JustUs team was doomed after learning that they had personal issues at the UGC LAN, and that Gucci was going to retire. Neslo’s attitude is what will carry this team’s morale. He has openly stated that his strive to win is stronger than earlier in the life of Call of Duty: Ghosts. We haven’t heard much out of Stainville since the UGC LAN, but I’m sure he will be a great fit with the rest of this team.

Denial eSports and Elevate Return to the Competitive Call of Duty Scene

Denial – Twizz, BlFire, Lyar, and LynXx

Elevate – Fatalize, Felonies, Complex, and Nifty

Not much can be said about these rosters from my end. I’m only familiar with a couple of the players. It would be unfair to assess rosters that I am not fully familiar with. I’m sure that Denial and Elevate have reassessed their stance on competitive Call of Duty and that they will be conscious this time around with their new rosters. Good luck to them in the future.

OpTic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, and Complexity Go Unchanged

The top 3 placing teams at the Call of Duty Championship have decided to stick with their current rosters. This does not surprise me particularly because these three teams had the best showings in Los Angeles. Complexity came out on top as they have made a habit of doing since Black Ops 2 and they really have no need to make roster moves when they are far and away the best team.

Some have speculated that MBoZe would get released after Champs because he was arguably the weakest player out of the bunch. However OpTic H3CZ assured the Green Wall that no such roster change would be made, and that MBoZe is here to stay with OpTic Gaming.

EnVyUs, led by Merk, really showed up at the COD Championship. After being upset by Immunity in group play and being sent to the losers bracket early on the first day of bracket play they were up against the odds. They made a miraculous run in the losers bracket only losing one map on their way to grand finals. Nameless was a standout player on nV, but that is not to take away from the rest of the team who showed up when they needed to the most. I’m confident in saying the three aforementioned teams will not have any roster overhauls like they have in the past. These teams will continue to contend for the remainder of COD Ghosts and on into the future.

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