East Coast Throwdown Injustice: Gods Among Us Pools Released


Team EnVyUs and TCM Gaming Added to the G3 Lineup

On Gfinity’s third go around, they are pulling out all of the stops for GIII. The Gfinity organization has done wonders for the European Call of Duty scene. They host their own GFinity 2k Series’ which are modeled after the North American version of the same online tournament. They have also hosted two successful GFinity events for the past two years. GIII is shaping up to be the biggest European gaming event of the year, and is looking to be on the same level as some of the marquee North American events. For one, it will be hosted at the Copperbox Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. The venue is suited to fit a maximum capacity of 7,000 people. Additionally, GIII will include more eSports titles than just Call of Duty: Ghosts. Gfinity is yet another indication of the rise of competitive gaming and eSports.

The latest news out of Gfinity is that TCM Gaming and Team EnVyUs have been invited to attend GIII. TCM Gaming is known as one of the strongest European teams for Call of Duty. MarkyB and company had a sub-par showing at the Call of Duty Championship placing just outside of the top eight. After parting ways with MadCat and the departure of Flux, TCM has added Peatie as their indefinite fourth. Expect this new European roster to put forth a strong effort to overshadow their underwhelming performance at the Call of Duty Championship.