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MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two Day Nine Results and Standings


MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two Day Four Results and Standings

Erupt Gaming defeated OpTic Gaming 3-1

Complexity defeated Strictly Business 3-1

Erupt Gaming defeated Strictly Business 3-1

Complexity defeated OpTic Gaming 3-1

OpTic Gaming defeated Strictly Business 3-0

Complexity defeated Erupt Gaming 3-2



Team Name :: Win/Loss | Map Wins/Map Losses | Overall Win Percentage

1. Team EnVyUs :: 5-0 | 15-6 | 71.43%

2. Erupt Gaming :: 4-1 | 14-7 | 66.66%

2. Complexity :: 4-1 | 12-7 | 63.16%

3. FaZe Black :: 3-2 | 9-7 | 56.25%

3. OpTic Gaming :: 3-2 | 11-9 | 55%

4. Strictly Business :: 2-3 | 8-10 | 44.44%

4. VexX Gaming :: 2-3 | 9-12 | 42.86%

4. FaZe Red :: 2-3 | 10-11 | 47.62%

4. Curse Orange :: 2-3| 10-11 | 47.62%

4. Curse Black :: 2-3 | 10-12 | 45.45%

5. Team Kaliber :: 1-4 | 8-14 | 36.36%

6. JusTus :: 0-5 | 4-15 | 21.05%

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

Call of Duty Post-Roster Lock Analysis

The roster craze is over, for now. A lot happened in the past 48 hours and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one with a head spinning nearly off of my shoulders by the end of it. The amount of team changes that took place is unheard of, and I do believe this was the most ridiculous roster scramble in a long time for the competitive Call of Duty scene. Once the first roster change happened, there were so many that came after the first and it was difficult to keep track of. It’s sort of a bittersweet aspect of this community. The excitement of seeing so many new rosters is definitely there, but it really gets to be ridiculous when you see one or two players jumping from team to team. This is ultimately a drawback for the competitive COD scene. The refreshing thing to consider is that Major League Gaming is clearly trying to encourage players to stay with their organizations even through a bad placement. With more rules and guidelines, I’m sure that the outlook for competitive Call of Duty will be positive.

OpTic Gaming – Nadeshot, Proofy, Clayster, and Scump

  • Proofy came over from FaZe Black.
  • MBoZe moved to OpTic Nation.

I am going to start this off by saying that OpTic easily won the roster scramble. They picked up a slayer and a play-maker in Proofy, and formed a roster that can certainly give Complexity a run for their money. Under no circumstance is MBoZe an sub-par player, but the reality is that to be successful in Ghosts, you need slayers on your team. Complexity has ACHES, Karma, and Crimsix as their slayers. These are arguably the best slayers in the game. When the situation calls for it, TeePee can hang and slay with the best of them. Proofy is an excellent addition to this team and I truly believe we will see OpTic competing against Complexity soon in some invigorating matches in the near-future.

OpTic Nation – MBoZe, Killa, MirX, and Ricky

  • MBoZe moved over from the OpTic Gaming roster.
  • Killa and MirX came over from JustUs Pro.
  • Ricky came over from Strictly Business.

Upon the announcement of this roster I was indifferent about it. Considering the fallout of Curse Las Vegas, I was surprised to learn that three out of the four players from that team would reunite on the OpTic Nation roster. Now this team is not a part of the MLG Call of Duty Pro League Season Two, so there’s some room for flexibility here. I personally feel that this team will be excellent at Search and Destroy and with Killa on board, they will be able to develop effective strategies for respawn gametypes.

Team EnVyUs – Merk, Nameless, Studyy, and Parasite

  • Rambo moved to coaching role.
  • Parasite joined after leaving FaZe Black.

The would be final roster for EnVy resulted in the strangest acquisition I’ve seen in a while. At the beginning of the roster craze, Parasite was released from Curse’s primary team. Parasite decided that the best decision for his career was to join FaZe Black where he would comfortably hold a Pro League spot, and will play with a consistent group of players. Not long after EnVyUs announced their decision to move Rambo, they picked up Parasite as their fourth player for the league and into the future. I don’t know how I feel about this roster. Rambo was a play-maker for the former EnVyUs roster. He may not have flourished in the slaying department, but he had some of the strongest objective statistics from Season One of the Pro League. I understand Parasite is a great player, but Rambo had a dedication to nV that was clear, and releasing him came as a shock to me.

Strictly Business – Spacely, John, Methodz, and Stainville

  • Ricky leaves to join OpTic Nation.
  • Stainville acquired after leaving JustUs Pro.


Team Complexity Wins the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season 1 Championship

Complexity’s tournament run as of late and since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 seems to be business as usual at this point. It really is unprecedented what this team of dedicated players has been able to do since Black Ops 2. The 2013 Call of Duty Championship seemed to have been a wake-up call for ACHES and company. To throw out a statistic, Complexity has won ten of their last twelve tournaments. Their only loss of recent memory coming at the 2014 US Regional, which was rectified at the COD Championship. Let that sink in as we compare the current Complexity team to any other team in competitive console gaming. Final Boss and Impact are two teams that come to mind in comparison. When in comparison, it is plainly clear that Final Boss and Impact hit a wall in their competitive careers. Final Boss’ end came at the release of Halo 3, where they went on to win the first event before only to drop team captain Walshy just a few months later. Impact fell apart after GFinity, where Karma left to join Team EnVyUs.

TeePee, Karma, ACHES, and Crimsix have the “it” factor that creates dynasties. Three of the aforementioned players are arguably the strongest slayers in all of Call of Duty. TeePee cannot only hang with the best of the slayers, but he is widely regarded as one of the smartest objective players in the game today. Since the acquisition of Karma, Complexity has gone no where but up. That is somewhat surprising to say considering that they were already on top prior to the release of their former teammate, Clayster.

Complexity went into the weekend with the same mindset that I’m sure that they always do, and that is that “we are going to win.” TeePee is always the first to say that Complexity is the best team in the game, and that no one will beat them. That point has been further proven with their performance at PAX where they dropped only a few maps overall. They went through the tournament without dropping a single Search and Destroy map. That is a feat that is not easily accomplished by any means, and Complexity made it happen. Complexity came into Boston as World Champions, and left with an additional $7,000 dollars to split. Although they may not be a fan favorite team, I don’t think a single person can say that what Complexity has done isn’t impressive. They are on the streak of all streaks, and it will take the effort of a lifetime if any teams wants to dethrone them.

Top 4 Placements – 

1. Complexity – ACHES, TeePee, Karma, and Crimsix ($7,000)

2. Strictly Business – Censor, Dedo, Apathy, and Saints ($4,000)

3. Curse LV – Parasite, Muddawg, MirX, and Ricky ($2,500)

4. Team EnVyUs – Merk, NAMELESS, Studyy, and Rambo ($1,500)

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Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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Day 2 – Complexity vs. Team Kaliber at PAX East in the MLG Call of Duty Ghosts S1 Playoffs

Match two of day 2 of the PAX East competition pitted Complexity against Team Kaliber. These two teams had an extensive tournament history prior to the match played early on Saturday. Team Kaliber would frequently finish second in tournaments that Complexity would go on to win. The first match in this series was Domination on Freight, which was won by Complexity by a final score of 166-131. After taking the 1-0 series lead, coL and tK went into the second game and that was Search and Destroy on Sovereign. The match was close, and the highlight of the match was an impressive two-piece by Crimsix on the defensive side. Complexity was able to take the map 6-5 over tK and went up 2-0. The final map of the series was Blitz on Warhawk which was ultimately won by Complexity by a final score of 12-7. With that win, Complexity sent Team Kaliber to losers and coL advanced to winners finals.

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