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EMPR Jupiter Wins Injustice: Gods Among Us at East Coast Throwdown 2014


East Coast Throwdown 2014 Injustice: Gods Among Us Pool Predictions


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OPINION – Top 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us Players

Now before I begin my list, I’m going to set the stage for all who continue reading this article. I’ve been following fighting games, primarily NetherRealm Studios games, since MLG Columbus 2012. This is where my passion for fighting games grew exponentially. Some people are born to play fighting games. I am not one of these people and it didn’t take me long to accept that. You can catch me supporting my local scene and trying to earn wins, but in no way am I an even serviceable Injustice player. I tend to think of myself as more of a professional spectator. In the past I have interviewed many of the top Mortal Kombat players, and I like to think that I know what I’m talking about.

Despite it being a year old, Injustice: Gods Among Us is still a new game. Players will develop and earn their recognition. The incoming list is one-hundred percent my opinion. That is not to say I do not expect criticism, because I do. I am welcoming all who view this list to call me out on my personal opinion. I’ve taken many aspects of Injustice and tournament history into consideration when constructing this list. This list is not created with the purpose of offending any of the top players within the Injustice scene.

Evaluation Rubric

  • Proven Skill
  • Proven Skill Against A Wide Variety of Players
  • Top 8 Finishes at Major Tournaments
  • Top 8 Placements:Tournaments Attended Ratio
  • Number of Tournaments Attended
  • Consistency

5. Emperor Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)


Emperor Jupiter wins Injustice: Gods Among Us at Civil War VI (Match-by-Match Breakdown)

Relaxedstate vs. Insaynne

Match 1 – PTH RelaxedState (General Zod/Cyborg) vs. BIFU Insaynne (Aquaman)

The first two matches were played perfectly by Isaynne. He was able to neutralize RelaxedState’s instant-air Zod balls by consistently utilizing Aquaman’s from the deep. Isaynne took RelaxedState out of the Zod comfort zone and convincingly won the first two matches. Going down 2-0 shifted RelaxedState over to his original main, Cyborg. RelaxedState went to work with Cyborg and gave Insaynne no room to breathe with his perfect instant-air fireballs. After winning his first match in the set, Insaynne made the necessary adjustments to take the series 3-1. He eliminated RelaxedState from the competition and moved on in the losers bracket.

Khaotik vs. Jupiter

Match 2 – EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter) vs. PTH Khaotik (Killer Frost)

Jupiter came into top 8 with his back against the wall. He was upset early in pools by a Catwoman player and this was fuel to his internal fire. He played against Khaotik perfectly. He was careful to not get blown up too badly by Khaotik’s options with Killer Frost. Whenever Jupiter was put into a vortex, he would remain calm and time his wake-ups to get out of Killer Frost’s proverbial blender. He played the zoning game and limited Khaotik’s mobility by punishing him every time he tried to pull the trigger. After a good showing throughout the tournament, Khaotik was sent home packing 3-0 by Jupiter, a man on a mission.

Sonic vs. Oxygen

Match 3 – PTH Oxygen (Lobo) vs. RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

Right off the bat Oxygen and Sonic Fox wasted no time in trading one game a piece. Going into the third match there wasn’t a decisive advantage on either side of the spectrum. Oxygen took a commanding lead in game three, but Sonic Fox made a couple of great reads to bring it back. Ultimately Oxygen got the better of Sonic Fox in game three despite the comeback. At this point, Sonic Fox and Oxygen were going toe-to-toe with their respective mains. Once again Oxygen got off to a healthy lead in game four, which was easily overcome by Sonic Fox considering Batgirl’s damage output. It was Oxygen’s game to lose and he did so after Sonic Fox abused Oxygen in the corner. The decisive game 5 match was next, and Sonic Fox looked great in the early going. He landed a couple of 40% combos and eventually had Oxygen down to less than 50% health on his second bar. Oxygen showed signs of life, but a late clash by Sonic Fox sealed the deal and Sonic Fox was moving into winners finals.

Orochi vs. Astronout

Match 4 – Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern) vs. PTH Astronout (Batgirl)

Next up we had the fan favorite, Kinetic Orochi, going up against the story of the tournament, PTH Astronout. Orochi came out firing in the first game, but Astronout caught him in the Batgirl vortex late and Orochi guessed incorrectly. Astronout took the first game and moved on to the second game where it was extremely dominant in favor of Astronout. Orochi got caught in the vortex several times and Astronout did not let up. Once again Astronout went in on Orochi and took the first life bar in a matter of twenty seconds. He caught Orochi in the vortex once again and prevented a clash to close out the match 3-0 in favor of Astronout. He moved on to face Sonic Fox in winners finals with some impressive Batgirl play.

Jupiter vs. Oxygen

Match 5 – EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter) vs. PTH Oxygen (Lobo)

Jupiter got off to an early life-lead in game one against Oxygen and maintained it with intelligent plays. He threw the orbs out and teleported when he needed to in order to keep Oxygen at bay and control the space. Game two displayed more of the same despite an early life-lead by Oxygen. Jupiter was able to keep his distance and prevent Oxygen from getting in on him. At this point Jupiter took an early 2-0 series lead. Jupiter melted Oxygen’s life bar in game three and essentially controlled the pace of the match. He played at his own pace, and he was able to eliminate Oxygen from the tournament to advance in losers bracket.

Insyanne vs. Orochi

Match 6 – Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern) vs. BIFU Insaynne (Aquaman)

In game one Orochi was able to capitalize on what Green Lantern does better than Aquaman in the matchup. Most predominantly he spaced his air fireballs perfectly in order to stay out of the range of Aquaman’s from the deep. The first match was close, but Orochi won it and took the 1-0 series lead. Insaynne retaliated in game two and got some great punishes that lead to 40% damage. He forced an early clash by Orochi and flawlessly drained his life down in the second half of the game to tie the series at 1-1. Orochi went up 2-1 in the series after giving away an early life-lead. Insaynne mounted a comeback, but Orochi opted for some unclashable damage and forced a stage transition to close out the match. Orochi dominated game four with some more smart spacing. He caught Insaynne in some combos early and utilized projectiles to close out the match. He sent Insaynne home with a 3-1 win and advanced in the losers bracket.

Jupiter vs Orochi

Match 7 – Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern) vs. EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

Game one could’ve gone either way between these two. Orochi got a lot of missed inputs, which Jupiter was able to capitalize on. Jupiter did what Martian Manhunter is best at and he controlled spacing with orbs and controlled the air as well. Jupiter made some excellent decisions in the second game. He waited for Orochi to commit and punished accordingly. Meter-burn back three was a massive key to victory in game two as well as orbs and the rest of Martian Manhunter’s zoning tools. Jupiter swarmed Orochi in game three, and was able to close out the series 3-0 against Orochi and locked up his spot in losers finals.

Sonic vs. Astronout

Match 8 – Winners Finals :: PTH Astronout (Killer Frost)  vs. RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

Astronout nearly gave up a massive life-lead in game one as he opted to pick Killer Frost, and stayed away from the Batgirl mirror. He and Sonic Fox were well below 50% health when a meter-burn forward three closed out game one putting Astronout up 1-0. Game two began the same, but Sonic Fox showed his veteran presence to make some adaptations. Sonic Fox landed a teleport combo, which carried Astronout to the corner. He then closed out the match with Batgirl’s overhead stomp in the corner. After tying it up 1-1, Sonic Fox took over in game three clearly showing that he can make high level adjustments on the fly. Astronout debated a character change, but ultimately stuck with Killer Frost. After going down 1-0, Sonic Fox won three straight games to knock Astronout to the losers bracket and advance to grand finals.

Jupiter vs. Astronout

Match 9 – Losers Finals :: EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter) vs. PTH Astronout (Batgirl/Catwoman)

Next came the runback that Jupiter had been waiting for since the previous evening in pools. Astronout was able to upset Jupiter in pool play with Catwoman. Now it was Jupiter’s chance for redemption against his momentary rival. Astronout began with Batgirl and despite some great reads and reactions by him, Jupiter was able to control game one. Astronout then made the inevitable switch to Catwoman attempting to build off of his win in pool play. Jupiter heavily relied on zoning this time around and was wary enough to not allow Astronout to get in and dictate the match. After going up 2-0 convincingly, Astronout had to make something happen to maintain his tournament life. Astronout dropped a crucial combo late in game three and Jupiter closed out the series. He defeated Astronout 3-0 in the runback and moved on to grand finals. Astronout, however, turned a lot of heads with his performance in this tournament.

Jupiter vs Sonic

Match 10 – Grand Finals :: (W) RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl) vs. (L) EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

Sonic Fox and Jupiter were even on life in the first game for the second health bar. Jupiter proceeded to combo off of an orb that lead to an interractable reset which drained Sonic Fox’s entire health bar to take game one. In game two Jupiter made every correct read that was humanly possible to diminish Sonic Fox’s life down to about 25%. Sonic Fox took down a lot of Jupiter’s life bar, but Jupiter was able to close out the match with trait-three with his back against the corner. Sonic Fox had a solid game three and kept Jupiter in the corner. He succesfully punished Jupiter several times with Batgirl’s teleport. He was able to take a game, but game three once again was fairly dominant and effectively reset the bracket.

Game one began with a fast pace, but Jupiter was in control throughout. He found a way out of every predicament and his foresight allowed him to take game one. In game two of the reset, Jupiter made a huge comeback on a heavy life advantage in favor of Sonic Fox. Jupiter closed the game out with a double back three into a transition and orbs. Game three was unbelievably one-sided as Jupiter utilized nearly every interractable on the stage and hit almost every teleport that he went for. Jupiter closed out the tournament by winning three straight matches in the bracket reset.

Top 8 Placements –

1. EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

2. RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

3. PTH Astronout (Catwoman, Batgirl, and Killer Frost)

4. Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern)

5. BIFU Insaynne (Aquaman)

5. PTH Oxygen (Lobo)

7. PTH Khaotik (Killer Frost)

7. PTH RelaxedState (General Zod)

Archived stream footage starts at about 43:00 at courtesy of Team Sp00ky

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Photo Credit to Team Sp00ky

Injustice: God Among Us Top 8 from Civil War VI Has Been Set

After catching the archived footage at Arturo Sanchez’s Twitch Channel, I pity Injustice: Gods Among Us fans who missed pool play at Civil War VI. The blowups were real in Virginia and that is understating what happened on day one of this tournament. At the hands of one PTH Captain Oxygen, Lobo was escalated to top eight winners. Oxygen managed to defeat the likes of RG Tom Brady on his journey to top eight winners. Tom Brady’s tournament end came at the hands of BIFU | Insaynne, a fellow Aquaman player.

Sonic Fox joined Oxygen in top eight after an extremely close set against the up-and-coming Zod player by the name of PTH RelaxedState. RelaxedState showed some excellent positioning on his instant-air Zod balls, and just barely lost his match to Sonic Fox 3-2. RelaxedState qualified out of losers of his pool into losers top eight.

Fan favorite and Final Round top eight placer, Kinetic Orochi, qualified for winners top eight continuing to show his improvement and innovation with Green Lantern. PTH Khaotik made top eight losers coming out of Kinetic Orochi’s pool. He had a couple of extremely close sets with popular Green Arrow player, 7L, and ultimately lost to Kinetic Orochi in winners. This marks Khaotik’s second top eight appearance with Killer Frost.

Quite possibly the most shocking turn of events at Civil War VI was PTH Astronout advancing into top eight winners. He managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in the competitive life of Injustice through his use of Catwoman to defeat tournament favorite, Emperor Jupiter. Astronout was clearly prepared for a match-up that most everyone who plays Injustice is afraid of. In addition to Catwoman, Astronout also used Batgirl and Killer Frost. This is his first appearance in top eight at a major.

You can check out and discuss Civil War VI results on the Test Your Might website. Top eight for Injustice will be played out beginning at roughly 11 A.M. Eastern on Team Sp00ky’s Twitch Channel. You can also view the Injustic: Gods Among Us documentary coming up in just a few minutes at

Top 8 Winners

PTH Oxygen (Lobo)

Kinetic Orochi (Green Lantern)

PTH Astronout (Catwoman, Killer Frost, and Batgirl)

RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

Top 8 Losers

PTH Khaotik (Killer Frost)

PTH RelaxedState (General Zod)

EMPEROR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

BIFU | Insaynne (Aquaman)

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Sources – Arturo Sanchez, Eventhubs, and Test Your Might

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Civil War VI Injustice: Gods Among Us Pool Predictions

These predictions for Civil War VI are purely based on the pools that were released prior to the tournament. Under no circumstance do these predictions include late registrations, which are inevitable most of the time. I am also not including FNATIC Perfect Legend in my predictions as I have learned that he will likely not make it to the event. I’m fully expecting some top players to show up as late entrants and for them to be placed in random pools. Regardless of the outcome, Injustice will bring the hype this weekend in Richmond, Virginia. Tune into Arturo Sanchez’s Stream starting at Noon on Saturday April 12th.

Pool 1

Winners – RG Sonic Fox (Final Round Winner)

Losers – PTH RM RelaxedState (Upcoming Zod Player)

Pool 2

Winners – RG Tom Brady (Top 8 Winter Brawl)

Losers – Viking 305 (Top 8 Winter Brawl)

Pool 3

Winners – PTH RM Khaotik (Top 8 Summer Jam)

Losers – Kinetic Orochi (Top 8 Final Round)

Pool 4

Winners – Emperor Jupiter (APEX Winner)

Losers – Re$e-Killanator (Reputable Doomsday)

When all is said and done I believe this tournament will come down to Sonic Fox and Jupiter provided that they do not meet early in top 8. These two have been on a tear as of late with Sonic Fox coming off of his win at Final Round, and Jupiter has been nearly untouchable with Martian Manhunter at the Eight on the Break weekly tournaments. Be sure to watch as the tournament unfolds and we learn who will be crowned the winner of the sixth installment of the Civil War fighting game tournament.

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Photo Credit to RVA Tournaments

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