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UGC Niagara Call of Duty: Ghosts Predictions


MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two Day Two Schedule

Day 2 of the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two will begin tonight at 7:00 P.M. Eastern. There are six matches on the docket and these will be played out until 10:00 P.M. when the last two matches will begin. Here are the scheduled matches tonight and for the next three days as announced on Twitter by MLG’s Chris Puckett.

Monday, April 21st

7:00 P.M. Eastern

Team Kaliber vs. Curse Black

Curse Orange vs. FaZe Red

8:30 P.M. Eastern

FaZe Red vs. Team Kaliber

Curse Black vs. Curse Orange

10:00 P.M. Eastern

Team Kaliber vs. Curse Orange

Curse Black vs. FaZe Red


Day 2 – FaZe vs. Team EnVyUs at PAX East in the MLG Call of Duty Ghosts S1 Playoffs

Match 3 of day 2 had FaZe going up against Team EnVyUs in losers bracket play. The first match between these two teams was Domination on Freight, which was won by a score of 163-130 in favor of FaZe. The two teams then proceeded to Search and Destroy on Sovereign where Team EnVyUs was able to even up the series with a 6-5 victory. After splitting the series, FaZe would go on to take a dominating win in game three which was Blitz on Freight to shift the series back in their favor. Game four was Domination on Sovereign where Team EnVyUs was able to pull out a nail biter one-point victory which evened the series once again. The map count was 2-2 and FaZe vs. Team EnVyUs would go to the final Search and Destory map. Team EnVyUs was able to ride the momentum of the closely contested Domination game and ultimately won Search and Destroy on Warhawk by a score of 6-2. Team EnVyUs sent FaZe home with this victory and advanced in the losers bracket.

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Day 2 – FaZe vs. Strictly Business at PAX East in the MLG Call of Duty Ghosts S1 Playoffs

In match one of Day 2 of PAX East we had FaZe going up against Strictly Business. This was a fairly one-sided victory in favor of the Strictly Business team. The first game played in this series was Domination on Sovereign. Strictly Business was able to secure a 168-138 win in the first game to take 1-0 series lead. Game two was Search and Destroy on Sovereign. FaZe made this game competitive, however they were unable to build off of round-winning momentum and ultimately lost the game 6-4. The final map in the series was Blitz on Warhawk. This was far and away the closest game in the series, however Strictly Business maintained their composure and closed out the 3-0 victory over FaZe. This loss sent FaZe to the losers bracket and Strictly Business advanced to winners finals.

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FaZe Replays’ Call of Duty Championship Experience

The FaZe team had an impressive showing at the Call of Duty Championship just a few weeks ago. After struggling in group play and being upset at the hands of the T1 Dotters, they advanced into bracket play. Replays and company handily defeated Immunity and Epsilon before being sent to the losers bracket by the eventual tournament champions, Complexity. FaZe met Strictly Business in the losers bracket and were unable to come out with the victory. JKap, Proofy, Classic, and Replays secured a 6th place finish and earned $50,000 dollars in the process.

The video below is a sort of behind-the-scenes experience brought to you by FaZe Replays. Players are often prone to filming vlogs to keep their fans informed, but this is more than a vlog. This video includes Replays’ enjoying California with his team, some of Replays’ best plays at the tournament, and some on-site footage of the FaZe team’s experience in tournament. Be sure to check out the video and leave some feedback to see more videos like this out of Replays.

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Photo Credit to FaZe Clan and Scuf Gaming