About Me

Me and Nadeshot Me and Parasite

My name is Matt Pryor, better known by the gaming community as CRUM. I have been following competitive gaming since I was in middle school where I paid attention to competitive Counter-Strike. Esports first really caught my interest during the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit. I was drawn to it because I was able to conveniently watch MLG events on The USA Network. It was really intriguing to me, and I was thoroughly impressed that competitive gaming had reached such a height. I continued to follow the MLG Pro Circuit all the way through Halo 3. It was at this time I learned that anything was possible when it came to competitive gaming. I watched as the original Halo 2 dynasty, Final Boss, released their captain Walshy. At that point team changes became a natural occurrence at the competitive gaming level. My comprehension of the community expanded as I began to pay attention to a multitude of games.

Fast-forwarding to present-day, I took interest in competitive fighting games, most notably Mortal Kombat 9. Throughout the duration of the games competitive life, I conducted several interviews with top players within the community. I interviewed the likes of three-time EVO Champion Perfect Legend, CD Jr, Pig of the Hut, REO, and many more. The response I got for these interviews were overwhelming as a lot of people really enjoyed reading them. I continued to cover competitive Mortal Kombat until the 2013 Call of Duty Championship. The competition was intense and it made me realize that Call of Duty was much more than just one of the top first-person shooter games on the market, but that it was also invigorating at the highest level. I began to consistently watch MLG Pro Scrims and major competitions throughout the duration of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. My life’s experience with competitive gaming brought me to the ultimate realization that covering eSports is a passion of mine. Interviewing top players and informing the public of results and team changes is something that brings me a sense of accomplishment.

I have recently started Make Plays, Not Excuses to cover the competitive gaming medium. The long-term goal is to travel to every competition in order to provide the public with results and information. This section is a summary of my experience with competitive gaming. In the future I will provide my readers with a more in-depth look at my background as a media personality.

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