[Injustice 2] Setting the Stage – Combo Breaker

Expect fireworks this weekend as the fighting game community journeys to Illinois for a tournament of epic proportions. Along with games such as Street Fighter 5, Super Smash Brothers, and Killer Instinct, Injustice 2 is making its first significant appearance on the tournament scene with a $20,000 dollar pot bonus. There are currently 367 registered participants expected to appear at Combo Breaker this weekend, and this includes players from the United States as well as overseas. With the game in its infancy, expect the unexpected as unseen and undiscovered characters will shine. There is a lot to look forward to this weekend with so much at stake for these players. Here’s a brief list of players expected to take part in the competition;

Noble – Pig of the Hut, Illusions, BeyondToxin, and Tweedy

Echo Fox – Justin Wong, Scar, and Sonic Fox

PXP – A F0xy Grampa

Galloping Ghost Arcade – Jeremiah, Max, and Wafflez

No Surrender – MIT, Footwurk, and DJT

Kombat Network – KDZ

Evil Geniuses – K-Brad

Circa – Forever King

Critical Reaction – Biohazard and Whiteboi

Method – REO and SilverRye

HZDRS – KevoDaMan

Hitbox – Godspeed

Panda Global – Hayatei

Additional Notable Players – Perfect Legend, CDMani, Zyphox, Grr, alucarD, Shujinkydink, Kitana Prime, Revolver, Floe, MF Slayer, Flux, SMUG, Noobe, Big D, Sleep, Rico Suave, Awesomeo, Madzin, Gross, Rip, Playing 2 Win, Smarrgasm, Forever King Jr, Nivek, Tekken Master and Cossner

Thank you for reading my article. I will have some more content out this week regarding Combo Breaker as I am fully expecting this tournament to be entertaining on many different levels. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Twitch if you enjoy this content.

Photo Credit to combobreaker.org




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