10 Questions with KH Showtime (Combo Breaker Edition)

(Showtime Pictured to the Left)

Name – Frank “Showtime” Occhione

Character – Sonya Blade (Covert Ops)

Location – Kombat Houston

Twitter – @lpappashow

Question 1 – What has your professional fighting game career been like since winning the MLG Breakout Player award in 2012?

After MK9 my fighting game career got put on hold. My main focus was my family. Having a baby was a blessing and had to focus on her.

Question 2 – Who is your character or characters of choice in Mortal Kombat X, and what about these character(s) sparked your interest?

Character of choice is Sonya Blade. Covert ops right now until after combo breaker and ill be learning all variations. I tried reptile but he just wasn’t what I was expecting. 

Question 3 – What do you feel is the MOST important technical aspect of Mortal Kombat X?

MKX has a lot to pay attention to. I feel like the stamina bar is really important. Paying attention to your own and your opponents stamina bar is key. Especially with breaker being worked around stamina .

Question 4 – What do you think Mortal Kombat X does better than Mortal Kombat 9?

Mortal Kombat X does the wakeup system better then mk9. Everything not being invincible changes a lot. And with delay wakeup and back dash being options the wakeup meta is pretty complex.

Question 5 – What character do you think is underrated and will surprise the masses this weekend at Combo Breaker?

I feel like the big bodies are slept on in this game. Ferra/Torr and Goro. Both are extremely good characters but no one has shined with them yet. Hopefully we can see some action this weekend with them.

Question 6 – How do you tend to prepare for your matches? Does your preparation changed when you are on the brink of elimination?

 I do a lot of research, for my character and all the matchups I might have to play. When I’m on the bring on elimination I play the same, Try and stay solid no matter where I am in the tourney.

Question 7 – Sonic Fox is just one of the many listed in your pool at Combo Breaker, what is your confidence level at going into this high stakes tournament considering this fact?

My confidence is pretty high. I don’t care who is in my pool I plan on running through it. 

Question 8 – What are you looking to prove this weekend at Combo Breaker and how do you intend on doing so?

I’m out for blood. I want to prove that KH is the best, We have been slept on for too long and its time for this scene to realize we didn’t go anywhere.

Question 9 – Do you have any bold predictions for Combo Breaker that you are confident will take place?

Predictions for Top 5 no specific order. Showtime, reo, slayer, cdjr, sonic fox 

Question 10 – What are some words of advice you would give to someone thinking about trying Mortal Kombat X out on a competitive level?

Don’t give up, some characters in this game can be very frustrating, Just keep grinding and learning, the more knowledge you have the better you will be then your opponent.

Bonus Question – You can pick one character from any fictional or nonfictional universe to appear in Mortal Kombat X, who would you chose and why?

Snake from Metal Gear. Three variations Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Liquid Ocelot. Would really love too see Spawn as well

SHOUT OUTS: Shout outs too the KH Crew. Mattix, Scar, Roy, Cat, Zach, Fusion, Kensou, FourWude, Shake, Shanx, Handy, Starcharger and Digit, I wouldn’t be as good of a player in any fighting game I play if it wasn’t for them. Best squad too be a part of hands down. Not just video game training team, but great friends.

@TheMattPryor on Twitter

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