EMPR Jupiter Wins Injustice: Gods Among Us at East Coast Throwdown 2014

East Coast Throwdown 2014 marks yet another successful tournament for EMPR Jupiter in Injustice: Gods Among Us. ECT 2014 marks the second East Coast tournament win in a row for the dynamic Martian Manhunter player. After being sent to losers relatively early, Jupiter made his run through the losers bracket, he reset the bracket in grand finals, and bested Sonic Fox in the final set of the tournament. It’s difficult to convey through words how dominant Jupiter has been as a player. Although Martian Manhunter is arguably the best character in the game, I don’t think anyone can argue that Jupiter has the deepest understanding of the character. Jupiter is the kind of player that capitalizes on every opportunity presented to him by his opponent, and that’s one of the predominant traits of a high-level fighting game player. He takes his character to the absolute limit and it allows him to seem untouchable a times.

If Jupiter continues his tirade, you better believe sponsors will line up to help the Martian Manhunter expert get to every possible tournament because in reality, he deserves it. Jupiter is already registered for MLG Anaheim and will likely make it to EVO, the chances of him winning the two largest Injustice tournaments of the year are greater than ever. Congratulations to EMPR Jupiter on a hard-fought and well earned victory at East Coast Throwdown 2014!



1. EMPR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

2. RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

3. PTH Revolver (Lex Luthor)

4. EMP DarthArma (Batman)

5. RG Rico Suave (Black Adam/Aquaman)

5. KHTC Honeybee (The Flash)

7. EMPR Grr (Bane/The Joker)

7. EMPR Zyphox (The Flash)

I would also like to recognize the rest of the top 8 placers at ECT 2014 for their hardwork. Honeybee had an excellent performance with The Flash at his first offline tournament. Sonic Fox, Rico Suave, DarthArma, and Zyphox made their appearances in top 8 as most of us are accustomed to at this point in the life of Injustice. Revolver took Lex Luthor all the way to winners top 8. Finally, Grr took Bane to top 8 losers and fell a bit short against Honeybee. Congrats to all of the competitors at ECT 2014, and until the next tournament, stay tuned to Make Plays, Not Excuses for more Injustice news and updates!

Photo Credit to NetherRealm Studios

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