Top 8 for Injustice: Gods Among Us at East Coast Throwdown 2014 is Set!

It’s difficult to convey, through words, how unfortunate it is that all of Injustice: Gods Among Us was not streamed at East Coast Throwdown 2014. The day for most Injustice fans was spent on Test Your Might constantly refreshing the “ECT Updates” thread. What came out of that thread is nothing short of shocking, and we have yet another exciting top 8 set for Injustice. Here are some of the updates that came out over the wire as the competition heated up in New Jersey.

  • Peckapowa made it out of Pool 1 in Winners with Martian Manhunter
  • Tom Brady was double eliminated by Killer Frost player, PTH Khaotik
  • Peckapowa defeated Khaotik 3-0 to make it out in Winners
  • Revolver made it all the way through pools into top 8 with Lex Luthor
  • Canadian tournament newcomers and rebelos, Honeybee and Biohazard, made it out of pools
  • Jupiter 3-0’d AK Saltface
  • AK Saltface was eliminated by GG ChrisG 3-0
  • PTH Oxygen lost in pools
  • Ray Riazy made it out of pools with Raven
  • GamerBlake had some great sets, but failed to make top 8

Top 8 will play out at stream beginning at around 1 P.M. Eastern. Tune in to see who takes ECT 2014 for Injustice!

Winners Bracket

RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl)


EMPR Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)


RG Rico Suave (Black Adam)


PTH Revolver (Lex Luthor)

Losers Bracket

EMP DarthArma (Batman)


EMPR Zyphox (The Flash)


EMPR Grr (Bane)


KHTC Honeybee (The Flash)


Photo Credit to East Coast Throwdown

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