East Coast Throwdown 2014 Injustice: Gods Among Us Pool Predictions

East Coast Throwdown 2014 goes down this weekend in in Secaucus, New Jersey. The Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament is shaping up yet again to be the best that the east has to offer squaring off against one-another. The likes of Tom Brady, CD Jr, DarthArma, Zyphox, etc. will be in attendance this weekend. These pool predictions are based purely off of the pre-registered list of players that was released by the team behind ECT. The tournament will unfortunately only have four pools on stream for Injustice. Pools 3-4 will be stream at twitch.tv/teamsp00ky at around 2 P.M. Eastern. Pools 7-8 will then be streamed at twitch.tv/deadly_bison at 6 P.M. Eastern. The following day will see the top 8 play out also on the Team Sp00ky stream beginning at around 1 P.M. Eastern. 


Pool 1

Winners – Tom Brady

Losers – Peckapowa


Pool 2

Winners – Oxygen

Losers – Revolver


Pool 3

Winners – Sonic Fox

Losers – Ray Riazy


Pool 4

Winners – DarthArma

Losers – Honeybee


Pool 5

Winners – Jupiter

Losers – Rapzilla


Pool 6

Winners – Zyphox

Losers – King Jamez


Pool 7

Winners – Grr

Losers – KT Smith


Pool 8

Winners – Rico Suave

Losers – 7L


Photo Credit to East Coast Throwdown

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