Complexity Sells World Champion Call of Duty Team to Evil Geniuses

You won’t hear much in the realm of change out of the World Champion Call of Duty team formerly known as Complexity. They have had a finite roster since after first event for Call of Duty: Ghosts, where they acquired Karma and released Clayster. Since then, the team of Aches, Karma, Crimsix, and TeePee have won five out of the six major events for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The only hiccup being the U.S. Regional Qualifier for the Call of Duty Championship where they were double eliminated by Strictly Business. The obvious statement to make is, if money is on the line, you can bet that Aches and his resilient squad will rise to the occasion and find a way to win.

In comes the change as news broke earlier this afternoon that Complexity’s Call of Duty team would be sold to another gaming organization by the name of Evil Geniuses. The EG organization is arguably the largest in all of eSports. They currently possess championship caliber teams in StarCraft II, DotA 2, and League of Legends. Additionally they have high level fighting game players under the EG banner. Adding the best Call of Duty: Ghosts roster to their organization is massive for them. With this acquisition, they will now capitalize on one of the largest followings in competitive gaming being the Call of Duty fans. Evil Geniuses will also be having four of the best players in in the scene representing their organization. Here’s an official statement by the CEO of Evil Geniuses regarding the former Complexity Call of Duty team:

“We’re happy announce today that we’ve come to terms with CompLexity on a buyout agreement that will bring ACHES, Crimsix, Karma, TeePee, and MrX to EG.

The list of accomplishments these individuals have amassed really needs no introduction or additional hype.  They’re the reigning World Champions, and the level of play they currently bring to the table commands both respect and admiration from their peers.  Fresh off of a Lower Bracket run at UGC Niagara that culminated in a dominant 6-0 Grand Finals sweep, they’re definitely not short on momentum as they make the transition from coL to EG.”

Essentially this is a banner swap for the five members of Complexity, and a huge one at that. The opportunities for the actual Call of Duty roster are substantial. One would imagine that more money is to be made for Aches, Crimsix, TeePee, Karma, and even their coach, Mr X. Expect the dominance to continue for the newly acquired Evil Geniuses Call of Duty team. There’s no reason to believe that there will be a slip-up out of this team, who has won multiple championships. Their motivation should increase ten-fold as the Evil Geniuses organization is arguably more significant, and they provide new sponsorship opportunities.

At the end of the day, all three parties are satisfied and the former Complexity team will now be representing Evil Geniuses at the X-Games in a month. It’s safe to say that the X-Games event had a lot to do with this movement out of EG, and that it is a massive opportunity to further their brand. No numbers have been made public in terms of the buyout, but it’s safe to say that Complexity was offered a deal that they simply couldn’t refuse. Founder and CEO of Complexity, Jason Lake, had this to say about the transaction via Complexity Gaming:

“Everyone is happy with the transaction and we’d like to thank the squad for all their hard work and success during our time together.  As for the future, Complexity loves COD and intends on building a new #coLofDuty as soon as possible so that we can continue to build on our unparalleled resume in the space.”

So there you have it, the World Champion Call of Duty team now known as Evil Geniuses have a new home. The Twitter handles have already been adjusted accordingly, and the players are ready to continue their tirade as a team despite the organization change. Finally, here’s a quote from team captain Aches regarding their organization change courtesy of Evil Geniuses:

“We’re extremely excited to be working with and a part of Evil Geniuses. With their management and leadership, we hope to take the team, the brand, and CoD eSports to an entirely new level. Representing one of the largest names in all of eSports is a huge honor and we could not be more thrilled to showcase the EG brand at the X Games, MLG Anaheim, and other events moving forward. Excellence is what we pride ourselves on, and we plan to continue it under the EG tag.”

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Source – Evil Geniuses, Complexity

Photo Credit to MMOSite and Evil Geniuses



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