Team Complexity Win UGC Niagara, Continue Unprecedented Winning Streak




Another tournament in the books, and another tournament win for Team Complexity. This time around things were different, and what Aches and company were able to overcome is ridiculous to comprehend. To set the stage, it was round one in the championship bracket, and Complexity draws and open bracket team by the name of XGN as an opponent. Not many people were familiar with the XGN team, but that quickly changed when they began to give Complexity a run for their money. Coming down to it, XGN was able to take a 3-2 victory over Complexity, and the world shook. Twitter erupted in a state of disarray because no one expected Complexity to lose in round one to an open bracket team. The reigning Call of Duty World Champions put themselves into a predicament early in the UGC Niagara competition.

Complexity began their loser’s bracket tirade by dispatching of SailGuns, WiLD Gaming, and Kelevra Fuse. Moving into round three the situation became more difficult than anyone could imagine. Complexity were to square off against the fan favorite, OpTic Gaming, early in loser’s bracket. The outcome would send one of the top three teams from the Call of Duty Championship packing. Complexity did what Complexity does and handed OpTic Gaming their second loss in a row and a trip home. With shades of Team EnVyUs from the Call of Duty Championship, Complexity were essentially doing what is often acknowledged as impossible. Next came Strictly Business and OpTic Nation who were both handed 3-0 sweeps at the hands of Complexity. 

It was now time for loser’s finals and Complexity were set to go up against VexX Gaming, who were massive underdogs coming into the weekend. This series wound up heading to a decisive game six, which Complexity were able to take. As Team EnVyUs awaited their eventual opponents in grand finals, Complexity completed the loser’s bracket gauntlet to earn a spot in the main event. With all the momentum in the world, Complexity marched onto the main stage to compete in a rematch from the Call of Duty Championship against Team EnVyUs. The Boys in Blue did not have much to offer the World Champions in. Complexity reset the bracket with a 3-0 series victory, and then won the next three matches to be crowned the UGC Niagara tournament champions. The reigning tournament champions, Complexity, walk home with ten-thousand dollars and even more confidence.

The dominance of this team is something of another world. Despite all of the roster moves that took place, Complexity were still able to accomplish the odds after being put in the loser’s bracket early on. We are witnessing history, and although people may not necessarily love Complexity, it would be foolish to not respect what they’ve been able to do. They are now the clear number one team by every standard, and will undoubtedly have the number one seed going into the X-Games next month. Without much more to say, I’ll leave you with a Tweet from Crimsix that accurately sums up Complexity’s superiority in competitive Call of Duty.

Photo Credit to Complexity


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