Major League Gaming Announces a “Multi-Year Partnership” with UMG Gaming

Earlier today came yet another tremendous announcement out of Major League Gaming that will further the ascension of competitive Call of Duty. The year thus far has been successful to say the least for MLG, and it is no secret that they are rapidly becoming the number one eSports presence in North America, if not the entire world. A sizable portion MLG’s efforts have been put into competitive Call of Duty seeing as it has been one of the flagship games since MLG dropped Halo a few years back. MLG has formally announcement that they have partnered with UMG Gaming, and this partnership will span over the next few years. Major League Gaming made a brief statement regarding this partnership: 

“We’re excited to announce a multi-year partnership with UMG. Through the collaboration, MLG and UMG will coordinate events and align efforts to further the competitive scene in North America. The collaboration kicks off this weekend with UMG’s UGC Niagara event streaming live on, mobile apps and MLG app for Xbox 360. From Friday, May 2 at 5pm ET through Sunday, May 4, top Call of Duty teams will compete in the UGC Niagra event as part of the MLG 10k series. Points earned this weekend will count toward each team’s MLG Pro Points ranking. For more information about UGC Niagara and the schedule visit:”


UMG Gaming has been arguably the number two Call of Duty tournament organizer in all of North America. Their events typically draw the majority of the professional Call of Duty teams. They recently partnered with UGC to host UGC Niagara, which has become the most important event heading into X-Games Austin. Ten-thousand MLG Pro Points will be awarded to the first place team, and every point counts when considering that the X-Games are in a month.  In addition to running successful tournaments, UMG Gaming has recently launched UMG Online, which has been received extremely well by competitive Call of Duty players around the world. A partnership with Major League Gaming is exactly what UMG Gaming needs to escalate them to the next level. 

Stay tuned to Make Plays, Not Excuses for more competitive Call of Duty news.

Source – Major League Gaming

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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