UGC Niagara Call of Duty: Ghosts Predictions


The stakes are currently as high as can be in the world of competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts. Normally an event such as UMG or UGC is taken lightly compared to tournaments that are hosted by Major League Gaming. This due primarily to the fact that MLG’s prize pools are more significant, and overall there’s a lot more on the line for these  teams. However with the recent announcement of MLG at the X-Games, UGC Niagara has become the most important Call of Duty event heading into the summer.

MLG Pro Points are up for grabs, and there are at least four or five teams in contention for a position at the X-Games competition coming up in June. With OpTic Gaming, Complexity, and EnVyUs already a lock for the X-Games, teams like FaZe Red and Team Kaliber are looking to stave off the competition and hold onto their top six spot for pro points. The competition this weekend will be some of the best that we’ve seen all year, and it may even top what took place at the Call of Duty Championship. With the seeds currently locked for the event, here are the UGC Niagara predictions by Make Plays, Not Excuses.

Make Plays, Not Excuses UGC Niagara Challonge Predictions Bracket

1. Complexity – (ACHES, TeePee, Karma, and Crimsix)

As I said in my PAX East predictions, It is becoming extremely difficult to pick against Complexity. They have had slip-ups, but when substantial money is on the line they are impossible to bet against. Complexity is forcing teams to change up their lineups often in order for said teams to have a chance. It is hard to replicate perfection, though, and that’s what you have here. Until Complexity proves me wrong, I am effectively refusing to pick another team to win an event as long as coL is in attendance. I am fully expecting Complexity and OpTic to meet in the later rounds, and it will be some of the most entertaining Call of Duty gameplay imaginable. When all is said and done, Complexity will win yet another important tournament and will claim the first seed heading into X-Game Austin.

2. OpTic Gaming – (Nadeshot, Clayster, Scump, and Proofy)

The addition of Proofy to the OpTic lineup will prove to be a smart one for the Green Wall. I personally feel that Proofy is one of the more underrated players in all of competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts. Adding Proofy to the OpTic Gaming roster gives them a third dominant slayer to compliment Nadeshot’s excellent objective work. With shades of Complexity here, you will see OpTic’s dominance shine throughout this tournament. My only issue in comparing OpTic to Complexity is that Complexity have worked as one cohesive unit since before UMG Philadelphia back in January. The latest OpTic Gaming roster has only been playing together for less than a month. The difference in experience as a team will be noticeable, and I think OpTic Gaming will ultimately take second place at UGC Niagara.

3. Team EnVyUs – (Merk, Parasite, Nameless, and Studyy)

Right off the bat I will say that everyone was wrong about EnVyUs’ acquisition of Parasite. It may have been questionable for EnVyUs to drop Rambo after their strong showing at the Call of Duty Championship, but nV has played to a near flawless level so far in Season Two of the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts League. Similar to the case of OpTic Gaming, it’s difficult to put a lot of stock into teams that have made team changes less than a month ago. The only way to prove a new roster is in contention is to see how they plan on LAN. This weekend a lot of questions will be answered for this EnVyUs roster. I predict OpTic and EnVyUs to have a rematch from the Call of Duty Championship, and ultimately EnVyUs will slip up on a few respawn gametypes and that will be the difference maker. I have Team EnVyUs finishing in third place this weekend.

4. OpTic Nation – (MBoZe, Killa, MirX, and Ricky)

OpTic Nation could go one way or another at this point in the minds of most viewers. In my opinion they will have a solid showing at UGC Niagara. Team leader MBoZe has consistently found success since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 days as he went from team to team. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, it took a while for him to find a place to call home. Prior to joining OpTic, he had knack for placing high at events with pick-up teams. Now that he has a top three finish at the Call of Duty Championship, and has a team of his own, I’m expecting success out of MBoZe and the rest of OpTic Nation. Along with MBoZe are veterans; Ricky, MirX, and Killa. These three have teamed together for the majority of Call of Duty: Ghosts under the Curse banner. They are now back together, and I think people will be surprised when OpTic Nation makes a run in this tournament.

5. FaZe Black – (Censor, Dedo, Saints, and Formal)

FaZe Black has a question mark over them heading into UGC Niagara. They’ve performed well in Season Two of the MLG Pro League, and a lot of that success is attributed to the fact that the matches are played online. LAN is the prominent tell in competitive Call of Duty, and it proves everything that needs to be known about a team. Censor, Dedo, and Saints have proven themselves on LAN. The three of them won the US Regional Qualifier in Orlando earlier this year, then went on to place fourth at the Call of Duty Championship, and then took second at PAX East. This all took place under the Strictly Business organization. After ample roster changes, three of the four former teammates have reunited under the newly created FaZe Black team. Add former Halo pro and effective slayer Formal into the mix and you have a team that has a lot of promise. I have FaZe Black making it far in the losers bracket, but ultimately losing to OpTic Nation in a close series. Realistically all is up in the air at this point, and Formal and company will be looking to prove all of their doubters wrong.

6. Curse Orange – (Muddawg, Miyagi, Attach, and Crowster)

I previously had Team Kaliber taking sixth at this event, but upon remembering that MadCat will be filling in for Apathy, I have switched my prediction. Curse Orange is another new team created under the Curse organization that had converged both Curse Youth and Curse Fire. From this resulted the team of Muddawg, Miyagi, Attach, and Crowster. Three of these four players have been tested in a LAN setting, and many believe Attach’s performance will make or break this tournament for Curse Orange. Attach has played extremely well online, and I think we will see more of the same this weekend in Niagara. Curse Orange will turn a lot of heads, but will ultimately finish right outside of the money.

Stay tuned to Make Plays, Not Excuses all weekend for extensive coverage of UGC Niagara.



Source – UGC Niagara

Photo Credit to UGC

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