Q & A with Ari “Floe” Weintraub Discussing MLG Anaheim and More


Name – Ari “Floe” Weintraub

Location – Los Angeles, CA

Character of Choice – Sadira (Killer Instinct) and possibly Martian Manhunter (Injustice)


MPNE – Please state your name, gamertag, and when you began to game competitively.

Floe – Ari Weintraub, Floe, I entered my first tournament when I was 8 years old it was for “Super Street Fighter” not ST just regular super..it’s been a while!


MPNE – Can you tell us how you got your gamertag?

Floe – I get asked this question a lot and unfortunately I always have to give the same answer in that..it’s been so long I cant even remember.


MPNE – You’ve done a lot in your competitive gaming career. What are some of your personal favorite moments?

Floe – Being a dominant Soul Calibur 2 player back in the day, being 1 spot away from getting a golden stick at EVO 2010, anytime I don’t choke really haha.


MPNE – What have you been up to recently in terms of gaming?

Floe – I honestly have not been playing much fighting games lately my attention has really been more on Diablo 3, that will definitely change once ultra comes out though.


MPNE – Recently on Twitter you have teased your interest in MLG Anaheim. Have you been playing Killer Instinct or Injustice at all as of late?

Floe – I have not but I plan to brush up on KI before MLG so I competent again in the game, as far as Injustice I had plans to learn the game before MLG but..we’ll see if I can get off Diablo long enough haha.


MPNE – What are your thoughts on fighting games by NetherRealm Studios?

Floe – I actually almost always enjoy the games from NetherRealm..until they are patched for the 17th time and I cant keep up with all the patch notes anymore along with all the other games I’m trying to play competitively.


MPNE – You played Mortal Kombat 9 for a while and Injustice briefly as well. What steered you away from those games in their competitive setting?

Floe – As I said in the previous question it’s really all the patches that steered me away.  Its hard to keep up with +1 or +2 games with all the stuff I play and when you throw in that the game is constantly changing it makes it even more difficult.


MPNE – What do you think steers OTHER Capcom players away from NetherRealm Studios games?

Floe – I definitely think there’s a certain bias from Capcom players, and I’m not sure that will ever change but it really just comes down to each their own.  If they enjoy the games they’ll play if they don’t they’ll stick to other stuff.


MPNE – Do you think Capcom players would outplace Injustice players if the Capcom players only played Injustice? If so, why?

Floe – I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this comment but yes, I do believe Capcom players in GENERAL are more talented the\an the majority of injustice players.  While I’m not saying all injustice players suck I’m saying that I feel top players of Capcom games are much more skilled in being all around players as shown by players such as Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, and PR Rog.


MPNE – What, in your opinion, makes a perfect fighting game?

Floe – I think everyone in the game should be cheap but not to the point where the other player doesn’t get to play.  But if everyone is cheap then everyone will be satisfied playing their favorite character and won’t feel they’re under-powered or anything because they have cheap stuff too.


MPNE – What is your favorite fighting game of all time, and why?

Floe – It would probably have to be vampire savior.  It’s just a very fun game to me and like I said before everyone is cheap.  Everyone has stuff to make you feel competitive and it’s a very interesting game along with me actually liking the overall “style” of the game.


MPNE – Getting back to MLG Anaheim, what are your thoughts of Injustice and Killer Instinct being added to what is beginning to look like the biggest MLG event of all time?

Floe – I’m EXTREMELY excited to see MLG put fighting games back on their roster and to see it be big titles and a title I actually somewhat play is very exciting.  I’ve always been a supporter of MLG even since wayyy back in the day when they were considering putting soul caliber 2 in their lineup back in 2003 and actually sponsored a SC2 tournament.


MPNE – Which Injustice characters are you looking into playing? Will you stick with Green Lantern as you played him earlier in the game’s life?

Floe – Honestly if I do pick the game up ill probably just try to tier whore quickly and play whoever’s best (which everyone keeps telling me to play Martian Manhunter) and try and sneak my way into some of that injustice $ lol


MPNE – What about for Killer Instinct, which characters interest you?

Floe – I’ll probably just be sticking with Sadira until a DLC character interests me more.


MPNE – Are there any characters that you are still waiting to be added to Killer Instinct?

Floe – I played Maya in KI2 so she would be cool, I also think Tusk and Cinder would be cool additions.


MPNE – Do you think players like Ricky Ortiz, PR Balrog, Justin Wong, and K-Brad will pick up Injustice and attend MLG Anaheim?

Floe – Well I know PR Rog already plays a little injustice seeing as how he got top 8 at EVO last year, Justin miiiight pick it up quickly? But I would assume he’s more focused on KI.  As far as the other 2 no I don’t really see them picking it up.


MPNE – If you work extremely hard on Injustice for the next two months, how do you see yourself doing at MLG Anaheim?

Floe – I think if I actually put in hard practice and the time that I SHOULD put into fighting games I think I would be able to do very well, as far as the motivation and me actually doing it…that’s another story unfortunately lol


MPNE – Did you enjoy traveling to tournaments across the country as much as you have since you began playing fighting games competitively?

Floe – Honestly? Not as much anymore.  I’ve been doing this for a long time and for most of that time it was all about going to “prove I’m the best” and “body everyone” but now I’ve been doing it for so long it’s really just turned into a social thing where I’m just excited to see friends I haven’t seen for a long time.  While my competitive drive isn’t completely gone it’s definitely taken a hit over the years.  I’m hoping Ultra brings that back for me


MPNE – Do you think fighting games will grow to the point where top players can make a full-time career out of it?

Floe – One can dream? I would love to see that someday.  But for now kids stay in school and everyone else don’t quit your day jobs.


MPNE – Will you seek out other sponsorship opportunities anytime in the near future?

Floe – I’m not actively seeking it but if something interesting comes along I will definitely consider it and look into it, I’m not opposed to being sponsored again but I’m not actively seeking it out.


MPNE – Who do you think is the greatest fighting game player of all time?

Floe – I think 1st you would have to say Tokido and then 2nd would be Justin Wong.


MPNE – What is it like to be arguably one of the most well-known personalities in not only the fighting game community, but also the entire gaming community?

Floe – Haha I never really thought of myself like that, I’m just me!


MPNE – Will you be going to EVO 2014? If so, what games do you plan on entering?

Floe – I will be attending and I’ve already signed up for I believe – Ultra, UMVC3, KI, BB


MPNE – Do you have any shout-outs before we end this interview?

Floe – Just shout outs to all the fans and all the people that keep this community thriving.  This is an amazing community in most regards and im glad to see it growing! And see everyone at MLG!


We at Make Plays, Not Excuses would like to thank Ari for taking the time to answer some questions. We personally wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors as a fighting game player. MLG Anaheim will be an excellent event to say the least for Killer Instinct and Injustice: Gods Among Us.



Photo Credit to Major League Gaming and Maxoplata

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