First Home Mortgage 4v4 MLG Variant 2K 4/27 Results


1st. FaZe Black (Censor, Dedo, Formal, and Saints)

  • $3,590 dollars in prize money including $2,000 dollars courtesy of First Home Mortgage
  • 30 MLG Credits Per Player
  • 2,000 Pro Points Per Player

2nd. Team EnVyUs (Merk, Nameless, Parasite, and Studyy)

  • $790 dollars in prize money
  • 30 MLG Credits Per Player
  • 1,200 Pro Points Per Player

3rd. Team Kaliber (Sharp, Neslo, Goonjar, and Whea7s)

OpTic Gaming (Nadeshot, Ricky, Scump, and Proofy)

  • 30 MLG Credits Per Player
  • 800 Pro Points Per Player

5th. Complexity (ACHES, Crimsix, TeePee, and Karma)

Curse Black (Tipsy, Enable, Burnsoff, and Mochila)

VexX Gaming (Pluto, Slacked, Huhdle, and Slasher)

Erupt Gaming (PRPLXD, Legal, Vexed, and Saintt)

  • 600 Pro Points Per Player


  • FaZe Black over EnVyUs
  • FaZe Black over Complexity
  • FaZe Black over OpTic Gaming
  • EnVyUs over Team Kaliber
  • EnVyUs over VexX Gaming
  • Team Kaliber over Erupt Gaming

CURRENT PRO POINT STANDINGS (will be updated within the next few days)

CURRENT PRO LEAGUE STANDINGS (play resumes tomorrow)

UGC Niagara

Stay tuned to Make Plays, Not Excuses all week for coverage of UGC Niagara, which will take place this weekend from May 2-4.

Also be sure to check out all of our sub-pages and the rest of the website for recent roster changes in the Call of Duty competitive scene, news, and much more!

Source – Gamebattles Bracket

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming, UGC Events

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