Major League Gaming Expanding into China, Will Build Their First eSports Arena

Major League Gaming has grown substantially from what were humble beginnings. From the days of broadcasting on the USA Network where there would be upwards of 10-15 events per year, things were good. They found their niche in the world of competitive gaming and have been improving ever since their establishment in 2002. The events aren’t as frequent, but the impact is even more so. Expansion was inevitable and global expansion began earlier this year when MLG announced that events were soon to be hosted in Brazil.

More expansion news has hit the Twittersphere earlier today with MLG’s announcement that partnered with Lai Fung Holdings Limited and eSun Holdings Limited, the first ever MLG eSports Arena will be constructed in China. The arena is currently being referred to as the “V-Zone”. It will be designed on Hengquin Island just outside of Macau, and the complex will be dedicated to gaming and gaming-related tourist attractions. Here are some details from the official press release on the Major League Gaming website:

“MLG, Lai Fung and eSun will work with gaming companies around the world to develop the V-Zone with plans to open the space and the MLG Arena in 2017. The MLG Gaming Arena will be designed to showcase regular gaming competition geared for both a live audience and online viewers on, MLG’s global, digital broadcast network. MLG will work with regional organizations to operate ongoing competitive activity featuring the best players and games in the world.”

It was only a matter of time before Major League Gaming began their global eSports domination. Expanding into China is a brilliant move out of MLG. With this move, they will be able to capitalize on all of the competitive gaming titles that are well-known and often played in Asia. Games like StarCraft II, DOTA 2, and League of Legends are just some of the widely popular competitive titles that are popular in China, Japan, and Korea. A home-base in China will open the door of possibilities to sell out the arena and expand eSports as a competitive medium.  After the release of as their primary streaming location, it was obvious that MLG had plans on the horizon. It will be interesting to see how the expansion pans out and where it takes competitive gaming in the next decade.

Source – Major League Gaming 

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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