OPINION – Top 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us Players

Now before I begin my list, I’m going to set the stage for all who continue reading this article. I’ve been following fighting games, primarily NetherRealm Studios games, since MLG Columbus 2012. This is where my passion for fighting games grew exponentially. Some people are born to play fighting games. I am not one of these people and it didn’t take me long to accept that. You can catch me supporting my local scene and trying to earn wins, but in no way am I an even serviceable Injustice player. I tend to think of myself as more of a professional spectator. In the past I have interviewed many of the top Mortal Kombat players, and I like to think that I know what I’m talking about.

Despite it being a year old, Injustice: Gods Among Us is still a new game. Players will develop and earn their recognition. The incoming list is one-hundred percent my opinion. That is not to say I do not expect criticism, because I do. I am welcoming all who view this list to call me out on my personal opinion. I’ve taken many aspects of Injustice and tournament history into consideration when constructing this list. This list is not created with the purpose of offending any of the top players within the Injustice scene.

Evaluation Rubric

  • Proven Skill
  • Proven Skill Against A Wide Variety of Players
  • Top 8 Finishes at Major Tournaments
  • Top 8 Placements:Tournaments Attended Ratio
  • Number of Tournaments Attended
  • Consistency

5. Emperor Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

Major Accomplishments

  • Winner of APEX 2013
  • Winner of Civil War VI
  • Top 8 at Winter Brawl 7
  • Multiple Time Eight on the Break Champion

When people think of the word prodigy in Injustice, their first thought more often than not is Sonic Fox. Although I tend to agree, I can’t help but feel that Jupiter belongs in the same lofty category. He is a young player, and will only improve, which is scary to consider. Jupiter came from humble beginnings in Mortal Kombat 9 where he mained Jax. He earned partial recognition toward the end of the game, but Injustice was without a doubt his breakout. Jupiter is a reigning champion at the local  Eight on the Break tournaments in New Jersey, and also has two major tournament wins under his belt. He took his Martian Manhunter into APEX and Civil War VI to decimate his opponents. Martian Manhunter is widely considered to be the number one character in the game, but Jupiter is one of the only players to master all of his tools. He comes in relatively low on the list, but expect this to change as he begins to travel to more tournaments to test his skill.

4. Emperor Theo (Aquaman)

Major Accomplishments 

  • Tournament Winner of SoCal Regionals 2014
  • Top 8 at NEC 14
  • Multiple Time Wednesday Night Fights Champion
  • Top 8 at Evolution 2014

The only West Coast player to make the list, and he deserves every bit of recognition. Theo has proven his dominance on more than one occasion, and against a wide array of players. He placed top 8 at Injustice’s first EVO, albeit with pre-patch Superman, but top 8 at EVO is an accomplishment that is hard to come by. He has won more Wednesday Night Fights than one could even fathom. Post-patch he switched over to Aquaman feeling that Superman had nothing more to offer him. He has proven to be as dominant, if not more-so, with Aquaman. He went into SoCal Regionals this year and looked nearly untouchable. Not one of his opponents had much of anything in terms of a challenge. Theo earned his spot on this list through his excellent tournament play and West Coast dominance.

3. REO (Martian Manhunter)

Major Accomplishments

  • Civil War V Winner
  • Top 8 at Summer Jam 7
  • 2nd at East Coast Throwdown 5
  • 3rd at Defend the North 2013
  • Top 8 at CEO 2013
  • Top 8 at Final Round 17
  • Top 8 at EVO 2013

REO deserves a spot on this list because of his consistency in his tournament history with Injustice. From the beginning he has found a way to accomplish the extremely difficult goal of consistently placing top eight. It all began at Civil War V about a year ago, where he took out Tom Brady to earn his first tournament victory. REO’s indecisiveness created doubt in his mind as to whether or not he enjoyed Injustice. It seemed as if he wasn’t sure if he enjoyed playing, and there was a period where his character crisis got the better of him. REO was on board with pre-patch Scorpion, and then he got nerfed, he has been able to prove his worth with a new character in Martian Manhunter. Like Jupiter, REO has been able to take this character to his limit and in doing so, he has never failed to perform when his performance mattered most.

2. KIT Forever King (Batman/Black Adam)

  • Kumite in Tennessee Winner
  • Youmacon Winner
  • 2nd at Summer Jam 7
  • 2nd at The Fall Classic
  • Top 8 at NEC 13
  • 3rd at SoCal Regionals 2013
  • Top 8 at UFGT 9

King is at almost every tournament worthy of recognition. He has been grinding Injustice since release, and he has not slowed a bit in terms of his ability to win. He has placed top 8 at almost every major tournament that he has attended. Additionally, he places top 3 or wins the majority of the tournaments that he attends. Forever King has been everywhere, and due to this it is easy to gauge his skills as a player. A primary reason as to why he is number two is because he has tested his skills against everyone imaginable. King’s wide variety of characters is impressive, and it is a difficult feat to be able to compete at the highest level with more than one character. The only reason he is not number one on the list is because there were a few notable tournaments where he proved unable to make it out of pools and into the top 8. Nevertheless, Forever King is a dominant and proven force.

1. EMP KDZ (Wonder Woman/Superman)

Major Accomplishments

  • EVO 2013 Winner
  • Winter Brawl 7 Winner
  • GUTS II Winner
  • The Fall Classic Winner
  • Top 8 at Defend the North 2013
  • 3rd at CEO 2013
  • Multiple Time Eight on the Break Champion

This list felt incorrect without including KDZ on the list. He has won so many tournaments that I think his tournament resume speaks for itself. Although his passion may have fallen off as of late, he remains as one of the most dangerous players in Injustice today. KDZ has this particular awareness where if you make a single mistake whilst playing against him, he will capitalize every single time. Pre-patch Superman was something that couldn’t be put into a sentence without including KDZ. He brought that character to the absolute limit with 70-80% corner combos. He now plays Wonder Woman almost exclusively, and it is safe to say he is one of the best with that character. He was the ultimate victor at EVO 2013, and made an unprecedented run through the tournament. His dominance still exists as he has recently won Winter Brawl 8 using both post-patch Superman and Wonder Woman. KDZ is arguably the face of Injustice because of his virtually untested dominance for the longest time. You can make the case that his character was ‘broken’, but top tier characters can be beaten and KDZ could not be beaten for a long time. Despite his recent drop-off in motivation, it is only fair to say that KDZ remains as the greatest Injustice player in the world.

Who do YOU think is the best Injustice player in the world? Post your answer in the comment section below!

Test Your Might Poll Results for Best Current Injustice Player

1. Emperor Jupiter – 24.8% of the votes

2. Emperor Theo – 14.1% of the votes

3. KDZ/REO – TIED with 11.2% of the votes

4. Sonic Fox – 5.8% of the votes

5. Forever King – 3.9% of the votes

Photo Credit to NetherRealm Studios

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