MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two Day One Schedule

Day 1 of the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Two Pro League gets underway today and on into the night. You can find a list of the teams and roster on the Major League Gaming website. Here are the matches scheduled for today with the team seeds included.

2:00 PM Eastern –

(4) Team EnVyUs vs. (6) Team Kaliber 

(12) Erupt Gaming vs. (3) Curse Orange 


3:30 PM Eastern – 

(5) FaZe Red vs. (4) Team EnVyUs

(6) Team Kaliber vs. (12) Erupt Gaming


5:00 PM Eastern – 

(8) FaZe Black vs. (5) FaZe Red 

(3) Curse Orange vs. (11) VexX Gaming 


6:30 PM Eastern – 

(9) Curse Black vs. (8) FaZe Black 

(11) VexX Gaming vs. (2) Strictly Business 


8:00 PM Eastern – 

(10) OpTic Gaming vs. (9) Curse Black 

(1) Complexity vs. (7) JusTus


9:30 PM Eastern – 

(2) Strictly Business vs. (1) Complexity

(7) JusTus vs. (10) OpTic Gaming

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Source – MLG Rosters, MLG Pro League Schedule

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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