Call of Duty Roster Update Post-Pro League Roster Lock

An overwhelming amount of roster changes went down in the past twenty-four hours in the competitive Call of Duty scene. I’m going to be doing a more in-depth look at the new rosters and all of the happenings, but for now I will provide the roster changes and such with a small recap of how each roster change took place. These roster changes have a lot to do with the upcoming MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season Two roster rules. These roster changes are now updated to accommodate for the roster lock.

Team EnVyUs – Merk, Parasite, Studyy, and Nameless 

  • Rambo was moved over to a coaching role against his best wishes. He had been posting via Twitter his excitement for his future as a player with Team EnVyUs, but was pressured into the coaching position. Parasite then left FaZe Black after just a few hours and capitalized on an opportunity to play alongside the EnVyUs team.

Curse #1 – Tipsy, Enable, Burnsoff, and Mochila

  • Parasite announced earlier today that he was released from the Curse organization. This resulted in Burnsoff being transferred over from what was previously known as the Curse Fire team. As of right now this is the only Curse team involved in Season Two of the Pro League.

Curse #2 – Muddawg, Miyagi, Crowster, and Attach

  • Curse was really backed up against a wall after the release of Parasite. They had to converge the Curse Fire and Curse Youth rosters into one. This resulted in the release of Sin, Realize, and Diabolic. As of right now the second Curse team DOES NOT have a spot in Season Two of the Pro League.

OpTic Gaming – Nadeshot, Scump, Clayster, and Proofy

  • An announcement was made earlier via Twitter that MBoZe will be replaced by Proofy coming from the FaZe Black team. OpTic H3CZ also announced that MBoZe would remain under the OpTic banner and will be leading the newly reformed OpTic Nation team.

OpTic Nation – MBoZe, Ricky, MirX, Killa

  • Without a roster lock until 5 PM Eastern today, there’s no telling what scrambling will happen with another OpTic team lurking. As of right now the OpTic Nation team will not have a place in Season Two of the Pro League. This would mean MBoZe would have to lead his team through the open bracket at MLG Anaheim.
  • As of 2:30 PM Eastern; Killa,  Ricky, MirX, and MBoZe are now a part of OpTic Nation. Killa and MirX came over from JustUs, and Ricky came over from Strictly Business.

FaZe Black – Formal, Saints, Censor, Dedo

  • As of right now FaZe Black is without a fourth player. Their leverage is the fact that they were recently given Curse Fire’s position in Season Two of the Pro League. Should not be a problem for them to pick up a fourth by 5 PM Eastern. FaZe Black saw Proofy leave early in the day, and then Parasite joined only to leave a few hours later.
  • Dedo has been added to FaZe Black as their fourth. Saints, Censor, and Dedo are reunited from the former Strictly Business team.

Team Kaliber – Apathy, Sharp, Goonjar, and Neslo

  • An update as of Noon Eastern has Dedo leaving Team Kaliber to join back up with 3/4ths of his former Strictly Business team. Team Kaliber must find a player to join their team by 5 PM Eastern today in order to attain their position in Season Two of the Pro League. Another updated has Neslo coming over from Team JustUs to join his teammate from earlier in competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Team JustUs Pro – Sin, Doubt, BlFire, and Twizz

  • As of 12:30 Eastern time, Neslo has left JustUs to join Team Kaliber. JustUs now needs one before the roster lock for Season Two of the Pro League today.Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to 5 PM Eastern and the roster lock.
  • As of the roster lock; MirX, Killa, Neslo, and Stainville all left JustUs to join other teams. MirX and Killa went to OpTic Nation, Stainville joined Strictly Business in place of Ricky, and Neslo went to Team Kaliber.

Strictly Business – Spacely, Stainville, John, and Methodz

  • Strictly Business was unchanged until the announcement that Ricky would be joining OpTic Nation and would be leaving SB. Stainville departed from JustUs after MirX and Killa left. Stainville joined John, Methodz, and Spacely and is now locked in for Season Two of the Pro League.

Complexity and FaZe Red remain unchanged

To this point these two rosters are the only teams that haven’t made a swap in the last twenty-four hours. A more organized article will be posted soon with all of the roster changes taken into account.  I will leave you with a statement regarding Season Two by MLG’s Adam Apicella, which can be found on /r/CoDCompetitive.

“League Rule Update: No Organization can own more than 2 teams in Call of Duty Pro League.

After discussing the future of the league internally, we have come to a decision that no organization may operate more than 2 pro teams actively competing in our Pro League. With that decision Curse will only be able to submit 2 rosters tomorrow for the deadline.

This decision was not easy and we have been in constant contact with Chris Blevins from Curse to try and mediate the situation. However, we as a league felt that the competitive landscape would be imbalanced if 25% of the squads competing were owned by one organization.

In light of rosters being due tomorrow, we have decided to award the vacant spot to Faze Black in recognition of their 4 players’ respective placings in Season 1.

This week we will be rolling out very robust free agency rules that will offer protection to players and teams to help mitigate chaotic roster changes.”

Additionally, here is Parasite’s TwitLonger about the events that took place today.

“As of the night i was released from Curse the team rosters that were announced prior to today were going to stand. I wanted to join nV because i knew they were unhappy with Rambos performance however they told me they weren’t letting him go.

nV (Rambo, Nameless, Study, Merk)
FaZe Black (Formal, Censor, Saints, Proof)

I was going to fill in for TK and just bite the bullet for Season 2. I had NO PLANS and didn’t contact any of these teams again after i was released.

Today i get a text from Formal saying Proof is leaving and if I want to join. I had NO OTHER OPTIONS I did what was best for me. Rather then sit out season 2 I decided to just take the option before someone else did.

After about an hour nV guys contact me and tell me Ray is going to be stepping down from the team and if i wanted in. nV was my first team choice and although i knew id get a ton of shit for it I decided to do what would make me happy.

I took the opportunity.

I DIDN’T try to pry open these opportunities. They came to me without notice and without asking.

I’m sorry if you are upset about it but, I did what was best for me.”

Twitter – @TPC_CRUM || @PlaysNotExcuses

Facebook – Make Plays, Not Excuses

Sources – /r/CoDCompetitive, Twitter

Photo Credit to Infinity Ward

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