Day 2 – Curse Las Vegas vs. Team Kaliber at PAX East in the MLG Call of Duty Ghosts S1 Playoffs

As day two wound down we would see Curse Las Vegas play two consecutive matches to end the day. Accompanied by Muddawg, the LV team went up against Team Kaliber in the losers bracket. The odds were in favor of Team Kaliber considering how well they had done throughout the weekend with the exception of the Complexity match. Game one of the series was Domination on Freight which Curse LV won to gain the 1-0 series lead. The two teams went into Search and Destroy on Warhawk where trash talk was beginning to make an appearance. Curse LV took a dominant 6-1 victory over Team Kaliber in the Search and Destroy game to increase their series lead to 2-0. Team Kaliber would show a sign of life in map three which was Blitz on Freight. They were able to win the Blitz map by a large margin and force a game four against Curse LV. Game four was Domination on Strikezone, which was an unbelievably close match. Team Kaliber was able to hold out in game four and won the map by a minuscule margin. The series at that point was tied at 2-2 heading into the final map which was Search and Destroy on Octane. Team Kaliber was unable to build off of their comeback in the series and Curse LV took the final map 6-2 and eliminated Team Kaliber from the competition.

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