Day 2 – Complexity vs. Team Kaliber at PAX East in the MLG Call of Duty Ghosts S1 Playoffs

Match two of day 2 of the PAX East competition pitted Complexity against Team Kaliber. These two teams had an extensive tournament history prior to the match played early on Saturday. Team Kaliber would frequently finish second in tournaments that Complexity would go on to win. The first match in this series was Domination on Freight, which was won by Complexity by a final score of 166-131. After taking the 1-0 series lead, coL and tK went into the second game and that was Search and Destroy on Sovereign. The match was close, and the highlight of the match was an impressive two-piece by Crimsix on the defensive side. Complexity was able to take the map 6-5 over tK and went up 2-0. The final map of the series was Blitz on Warhawk which was ultimately won by Complexity by a final score of 12-7. With that win, Complexity sent Team Kaliber to losers and coL advanced to winners finals.

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