MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season One Playoffs Information and Predictions

Ten teams battled one another for nearly two months and Season One of the Pro League culminates this weekend. The six teams with the best records from the Pro League will compete for a prize pool for $15,000 dollars all weekend at PAX East in Boston at the Turtle Beach Booth. The weekend kicks off with the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts All-Star game. Team 1 will be coached by Chris Puckett and Revan. The starting roster for that team will include TeePee, CrimSix, Rambo, and Studyy. Team 2 will be coached by Clayster and Nadeshot of the widely popular OpTic Gaming. The starting roster for the Clayster/Nadeshot team will be Karma, ACHES, Nameless, and Merk.

When all the fun and games are over these six teams will go to war to decide which team will be leaving with $7,000 dollars. The two teams with the best records have received a BYE in the first round, and these teams are FaZe and Complexity. The bracket for the action this weekend can be located on the Major League Gaming website.

1st. Complexity – TeePee, ACHES, Karma, and Crimsix ($7,000)

I am personally at the point where I think Complexity is an overwhelming favorite until I am proven otherwise. Although they did not win the US Regionals, they won the most important tournament, the Call of Duty Championship, just a few weeks ago. Complexity is battle-tested in every aspect of the phrase. They have proven their dominance at events, and they have also proven that they are able to work through adversity to come out with a victory. With the exception of the series against OpTic Gaming, Complexity handily won the COD Championship and that is saying something about the team as a whole. TeePee, ACHES, Karma, and Crimsix are individually talented and work together like a well-oiled machine. I’m picking Complexity to win this weekend because I have no reason to believe that they won’t.

2nd. EnVyUs – Merk, Rambo, Nameless, and Studyy ($4,000)

Picking EnVyUs to take second is as simple as picking Complexity to win. EnVyUs and Complexity are the only two teams in attendance that will have their current full rosters without any substitutions. EnVyUs’ case is also aided by the fact that their losers bracket run at the Call of Duty Championship was unprecedented. I’m expecting all four of team nV’s dynamic players to step up at this event because they’ve proven that their will to win is nearly at the level of Complexity’s. In addition, I’m predicting Nameless and Studyy to bring the intensity that nV will need if they want to dethrone Complexity.

3rd. Strictly Business – Censor, Dedo, Saints, and Apathy ($2,500)

The way this team disband made me tentative in picking them to place within the money. At this point I have a hard time believing that they will be able to get along considering the way Censor and Dedo left things prior to the roster changes. I’ve personally witnessed this team at each other’s throats during online matches, however they made the team work and performed well at COD Champs. I feel each of these players are individually skilled enough for the team to go on a run at PAX East. Without a certain level of team morale and communication I don’t see them defeating EnVyUs or Complexity.

4th. Team Kaliber – Formal, Theory, Sharp, and Goonjar ($1,500)

Kaliber had a really tough time at the Call of Duty Championship and that is no secret. Their experience was bad enough for Theory to be released, and for Formal to leave shortly thereafter is search of another team. I don’t think low morale will be an issue here, however. This team certainly fell apart after Champs, but I don’t think there is any bad blood between these players as there is with teams like Strictly Business. The obvious statement to make here is that they under-performed at Champs, and these anomalies happen in any competition. I’m predicting Team Kaliber to perform fairly well, but also to come up a bit short in the losers bracket.

5th-6th. FaZe – Proofy, Classic, JKap, and Replays and Curse Las Vegas – Parasite, Ricky, MirX, and Muddawg

Predictions for this event came down to a pickem after 1st and 2nd place. I picked 3rd and 4th purely off of the bracket organization and which teams I believe can clutch out games on a large scale. The reality is that any team can do well at this event and I simply feel that Team Kaliber and Strictly Business will be able to win the series’ that go to a 5th map. Most of the sets at this tournament will go right down to the wire in my opinion. I’m very much looking forward to witnessing these matches unfold at PAX East.

I will be covering PAX East in person so stay tuned to Make Plays, Not Excuses for full coverage of the event!

Twitter – @TPC_CRUM || @PlaysNotExcuses

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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