Injustice: Gods Among Us Pools Released for Civil War VI

The month of April marks the one year anniversary of the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. For those who don’t know, Injustice is a fighting game created by the developers of the Mortal Kombat series. Led by Ed Boon, Injustice went on to win several awards including VGX’s Fighting Game of the Year award. The tournament life is where Injustice thrives in terms of excitement and methodical gameplay. The game has seen quite an evolution in the year that it’s had to grow. Superman and Black Adam were two characters that often traded tournament wins at the beginning due to their tools. These two characters were powerful at the highest level, and in the right hands, they were unstoppable. NetherRealm Studios responded to the outcry of the community and made an be-all end-all patch. This patch has led to some of the most hype tournament matches imaginable. The most recent major tournament for Injustice was Texas Showdown 2014, and it was won by a Shazam player by the name of KH Digit. Shazam is widely considered as a weak character, and Digit’s win further proves the diversity of competitive Injustice play.

Moving past the background information comes some information about the upcoming major that will be held in Virginia. It is the sixth installment of the Civil War tournament, and it will feature Injustice. This will be one of the first majors to implement a best 3 out of 5 format for Injustice. The community for Injustice have gone back and forth on the topic of what format is better for tournament play. It will be interesting to see how scheduling works with longer Injustice set, but nevertheless it will be a worthwhile experiment. Civil War VI will include 4 pools with roughly 12 players in each. This tournament marks the one-year tournament anniversary of Injustice: Gods Among Us. The list of pools can also be viewed and discussed on the Test Your Might website.

Pool 1 

RG Sonic Fox

PI Blackula


PTH Korpse

GLV/FH GenTsuRoxus

GLV Ice Angel


PZP|BIFU Insaynne


Ray Riazay


Pool 2

RG Tom Brady



PTH Oxygen

OBS/PTH Jkun Prime

PTH RM EDC Mr. Aquaman


The Spore


AL Eevee

Viking 305


Pool 3


AK DS FNATIC Perfect Legend

Kinetic Orochi

RM PTH Khaotik



IC EWtH NLHEPlayer 88


Lord Chaos

PTH RM Witness



Pool 4

Emperor Jupiter

RM PTH Astronout


PTH Agent

PTH Sid the Haze


GLV Dark Steel

CFAS Flippin




AL Fromundaman

You can check out the action for Civil War VI at Arturo Sanchez’s Twitch channel NYCFURBY.

Twitter – @TPC_CRUM || @PlaysNotExcuses

Facebook – MakePlaysNotExcuses

Source – TestYourMight

Photo Credit to RVA Tournaments

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