Strictly Business Acquires New Roster, Will Compete in MLG Pro League Season Two

As quickly as word came out about the roster rules for Season Two of the MLG Call of Duty Pro League, Strictly Business announced who would be apart of their team moving forward. Strictly Business Gaming has officially acquired Ricky, Spacely, John, and Methodz who were all free agents prior to this evening.

Ricky has been on three teams since the inception of competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts. He first placed top 4 at MLG Columbus with UNiTE Gaming. After UNiTE Gaming disband, Ricky joined OpTic Gaming through one event and then departed along with Parasite, who was on OpTic as well at the time. The two of them went to Curse Las Vegas where Ricky and his team failed to utilize team chemistry as a means of playing well and did not qualify for the Call of Duty Championship.

Spacely is a player that has struggled to find a home in COD Ghosts. He has been on several teams and his most successful tournament placement was 5th/6th with a pickup team at UMG Philadelphia, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

John spent a lot of time on the Denial eSports roster with the likes of Phizzurp, Complex and Flawless. They placed fairly well at UMG Philadelphia, however they were not able to qualify for the Call of Duty Championship.

Rounding out the new Strictly Business team is Methodz, who has spent time on several teams. He began on FaZe with whom he placed top 8 at UMG Philadelphia. Methodz was then picked up by Curse Youth where he spent the duration playing out Pro League Season One matches alongside Realize, Chino, and Attach. The fallout of the Call of Duty Championship brought a lot of roster changes and Methodz was no such exception. He left Curse Youth and joined Team Kaliber with whom he spent just a week before being released.

This team is full of potential that has been arguably untapped up to this point in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Spacely, Ricky, John, and Methodz have all been participating in MLG Online Tournaments apart from one another and have done fairly well. Expect this team to surprise a lot of critics who may not expect them to do well. With this new roster Strictly Business harnesses their spot in Season Two of the MLG Pro League.

Twitter – @TPC_CRUM || @PlaysNotExcuses

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Photo Credit to Strictly Business Gaming

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