MPNE – MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season 2 Roster Rules Announced

Executive Vice President at Major League Gaming, Adam Apicella, has announced the roster ruling earlier today on the CoD Competitive Reddit. The roster/free agent topic has been discussed extensively since season two was announced because of frequent roster changes that take place within the Call of Duty competitive scene. Qualifications for the second season of the pro league can be found on the Major League Gaming website. To highlight the important details, there will be twelve teams for this go around, and all ten of the season one teams are automatically included in season two. Team Vexxx, which include; Huhdle, Pluto, Saintt, and Slacked, have already qualified for season two by way of a play-in tournament on Gamebattles. The final spot has not been decided to this point.

The major issue with the rosters for the second season is that an entire team from season one was disband. The team known as Strictly Business no longer exists because each of the members left in some way. Dedo and Apathy went to Team Kaliber, and Saints and Censor formed FaZe Black along with Proofy and Formal. This is where confusion comes into play because people were unsure as to how Strictly Business’ position in the Pro League would be handled. Some assumed FaZe would automatically be granted a spot, however this is not the case.

Adam Apicella had this to say:

“We [MLG] will allow the teams that were established in Season 1 of the MLG Call of Duty League to submit a Roster of Season 2 Starters without any restrictions, but before the start of Season 2, strict rules will be created governing the timing and frequency of Roster changes.”

This essentially rules FaZe Black out as a possibility for Season Two of the Pro League. The FaZe team that participated in Season One of the Pro League is now known as FaZe Red. Considering that FaZe Black will not be eligible for Season Two, this will mean that Formal and company would have to work their way through the open bracket at MLG Anaheim in order to qualify for Season Three of the Pro League. I’m not sure what will happen, but as it stands all of the current Season Two rosters are filled and FaZe Black are left without a place in the next season of the Pro League. Strictly Business still possess their spot despite the fact that they were without a team until earlier this evening.

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Source(s) – /r/CoDCompetitive, Major League Gaming

Photo Credit to Major League Gaming

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