FaZe Replays’ Call of Duty Championship Experience

The FaZe team had an impressive showing at the Call of Duty Championship just a few weeks ago. After struggling in group play and being upset at the hands of the T1 Dotters, they advanced into bracket play. Replays and company handily defeated Immunity and Epsilon before being sent to the losers bracket by the eventual tournament champions, Complexity. FaZe met Strictly Business in the losers bracket and were unable to come out with the victory. JKap, Proofy, Classic, and Replays secured a 6th place finish and earned $50,000 dollars in the process.

The video below is a sort of behind-the-scenes experience brought to you by FaZe Replays. Players are often prone to filming vlogs to keep their fans informed, but this is more than a vlog. This video includes Replays’ enjoying California with his team, some of Replays’ best plays at the tournament, and some on-site footage of the FaZe team’s experience in tournament. Be sure to check out the video and leave some feedback to see more videos like this out of Replays.

FaZe Replays on Twitter || Youtube


Twitter – @TPC_CRUM || @PlaysNotExcuses

The video above is not mine in anyway and belongs to FaZe Replays

Photo Credit to FaZe Clan and Scuf Gaming

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